Farmers’ Markets

There’s no reason not to eat fresh. Howard County offers farmers markets five days a week throughout the county, meaning that farm fresh produce is much closer than you think. In lieu of the social distancing order projected by COVID-19, markets will start this season as drive thru and/or pick up booths. Each pick up booth will be stationed 12 ft apart; buyers are urged to continue social distancing by maintaining 6 ft apart while waiting in line to retrieve their order.

If you’re a vendor or customer participating in this year’s farmers’ markets, please abide the following:

– All market stands should have a large sign with prices listed and product in stock each week
– Cover up or erase product that becomes sold out
– All market stands should have someone taking orders from vehicles while someone else packages up the order
– All produce must be pre-bagged
– Each vendor must wear mask and gloves
– No vendor should come if vendor or employees are not feeling well
– Credit card payments will probably be used most.
– Farm might want to consider making up produce boxes
– Have the flow for the markets marked for visitors to clearly see
– Vendor spaces must be 12 ft apart from other vendors

Customers: Drive Thru Markets
– All customers should stay in their vehicles
– Please wear mask in your car while visiting the market
– Customers are asked to be patient as this is a new process for everyone
– Be prepared to order when driving up to each stand
– Do not visit the market if you are not feeling well

Customers: Pick Up Booth/Walk Through Markets
– All customers are required to wear mask
– Customers will not be allowed to touch the produce
– Customers must stay 6 ft away from other customers
– Look with your eyes not with your hands
– Do not visit the market if you are not feeling well

At this time only those selling produce, meats, dairy, baked goods, food and drink will be allowed to sell at the farmers’ markets. As things change with COVID19, the schedule provided below will be updated.

Download this year’s Howard County Farmers’ Market Schedule!

9421 Frederick Road, Ellicott City
May 6 – November 4
Wednesdays | 2:00 – 6:00 PM
Walk Thru | Pre-order Available

5745 Furnace Ave, Elkridge
March 1 – December 16 | Wednesdays | 2:00 – 6:00 pm
Walk Thru & Pick up | Pre-order Available

12230 & 12250 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville
May 9 – November 7 | Saturdays | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Walk Thru | Pre-order Available

7405 Maple Lawn Blvd., Fulton
May 16 – November 7 | Saturdays | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Walk Thru | Pre-order Available

851 Robert Oliver Place, Columbia
May 10 – November 8 | Sundays | 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Walk Thru | Pre-order Available

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