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Success Stories

John Dove walks through the fields of Love Dove Farm

John Dove - Love Dove Farm

"John Dove took the initiative to learn about the type of farm operation he wanted to run by interning on a farm in Baltimore County and then sought out economic, financial and management advice from those with more expertise in the business." - Kathy Zimmerman, Howard County EDA

When John Dove returned to his family farm, it had been in hay production for the last several years. John's love for the land called him back and with his newly started Love Dove Farm is now growing naturally grown vegetables for the Howard County farmers' markets and this year added a small Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA).

Grants and Financing

A resource to find out more information on State, Regional, and National loans and grants for farms.

Diversification Ideas

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your farm's production is a great way to grow your business - and meet increasing consumer demand for fresh foods.