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Superior technology solutions and services developed by small, emerging technology companies are often eliminated from consideration for purchase by Global 1000 prospects because the developers, entrepreneurs, inventors, executives, and investors at emerging technology companies while extraordinarily competent in their disciplines of expertise… may not have the necessary skills, time, or experience to successfully navigate complex sales processes in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

ChrisBell3rd & Company, LLC (CB3) is a technology sales consulting firm based in Columbia Maryland and was launched in 2009 by Christopher Bell III,  a 2010 Winner in the Melinda Emerson $25,000 Entrepreneur’s Challenge and the Creator of the “But I Hate Sales™” Seminars and public events.  CB3 addresses the needs of emerging technology companies by providing outsourced information technology and biotechnology software sales consultants, customized sales design & execution services, and sales management support services for executives & shareholders of small US and international emerging technology companies selling cloud computing solutions and services to the Fortune 1000. The company extends it’s services to Howard County technology companies as a Service Provider in Residence for the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship and has successfully engaged with executives and investors in the US, Canada, UK, Turkey, and China.

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