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David Williams, Merkle CEO - Photo by David Hobby

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"Howard County has been a tremendous asset to Merkle.  The quality of life and access to talent is second to none, and the Economic Development Authority has shown a genuine interest in our success." - David Williams, Merkle  CEO

Their Story:

Merkle is a leading customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency. They help Fortune 1000 and other world-class organizations use information more effectively across their entire marketing enterprise to maximize financial performance and return on marketing investment. The core of theirr solution is a highly flexible and scalable marketing technology platform coupled with award-winning analytics, creative and digital marketing capabilities, and driven by a highly-disciplined consultative approach. In today's competitive environment, it's not enough to provide great products and services. A fully integrated CRM program provides an opportunity for marketers to grow their competitive advantage. Merkle has the expertise to leverage brand and consumer insight to inform customer-centric marketing creative and program strategies.

CEO David Williams acquired Merkle in 1988, and has grown the company to a $303 million business over 25 years.  With 1,600 employees and more than a dozen locations worldwide, Merkle now serves more than 150 major brands in industries that include banking & finance, insurance & wealth management, life sciences, nonprofit, retail consumer goods, specialty retail, travel, media & entertainment, as well as business-to-business marketers. The company employs more than 200 dedicated digital media professionals, 150 marketing analysts and statisticians, 500 marketing technology experts and 100 creative professionals. This first-rate team delivers solutions that inform over $5 billion in marketing decisions annually, driving results that maximize the value of their customer portfolios.

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