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Robert J. Struble, CEO of iBiquity - Photo by David Hobby


"Howard County is an ideal location to build a technology company. The access to world class talent and universities, proximity to DC, Baltimore and BWI, and the quality of life Howard County provides for our employees make it an easy place to grow a business. The County has helped us become a successful business: directly, with start up incentives, and indirectly, with its fantastic school system and public services for our people." - Robert J. Struble, CEO of iBiquity

ibiquity LogoTheir Story

In one of the most revolutionary moves since Frank Conrad introduced radio broadcasting in 1919, iBiquity Digital Corporation has created HD Radio Technology to bring AM and FM radio into the digital 21st century.

This breakthrough technology allows digital radio signals to ride the same airwaves as analog AM and FM radio broadcasts, bringing crystal-clear sound from any radio station to the listening public along with new FM audio channels and wireless data services.  The HD Radio In-Band, On-Channel (IBOC) system is the only FCC-approved system for digital AM and FM.  It provides for true, end-to-end digital broadcasting within the existing spectrum and allows with continued analog broadcasts to legacy receivers.

iBiquity's partners include leading consumer and broadcast electronics manufacturers; semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers; automakers; retailers and wireless data service providers.  Each of our partners has joined with iBiquity Digital to advance the rollout of HD Radio Technology through the introduction of new products, services and equipment that will allow for a seamless transition to digital radio in much the same way that color television replaced black-and-white broadcasts. 

iBiquity Digital has 88 employees spread across three offices in Columbia, Maryland (corporate headquarters), Piscataway, New Jersey, and Auburn Hills, Michigan.


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