Engage. Collaborate. Learn. Lead.

At the HTC we believe that engagement, collaboration, education and leadership are the keys to the health and success of tech community. This is why we focus efforts on providing our members with the quality opportunities that they need for the growth of their business and themselves.


Just showing up for events is not the mindset that we want our members to take. We want to provide you with a multi-tiered, multifaceted approach, ensuring that you are getting everything that you need from the HTC.

If you are interested in networking and making connections with new clients, then our monthly networking events are perfect for you. How about collaborating and learning from peers in your industry? Then check out the affinity groups, round tables, and speaker series held throughout the month.

No matter what you or your business needs, the HTC can provide you with a gateway to the solution.


Based on input from our members, we have formed special interest roundtables and affinity groups that give members the opportunity to engage with industry peers.


  • HTC Emerging Company Roundtable
    A C-level group comprised of successful experienced business executive leaders who face the challenges and successes of growing their companies to the next level.
  • HTC Sales and Marketing Roundtable
    A mid to senior level executive group that provides thought-leadership to emerging organizations that requires guidance in sales, marketing strategy, and execution. Each session will feature a special topic of interest and/or concern and subject matter expert for the topic at hand. Each member is welcome to present their sales and marketing material for review, where constructive feedback is provided and encouraged.
  • HTC Business to Business Development Roundtable (B2B)
    This group offers a venue for business development collaboration between member companies in a non-competitive environment of trust. This tightly-run, high-value group is comprised of small to medium business owners focused on traction and early growth with a vision to grow professionally and personally. Leadership asks for a year commitment with 10-12 sessions, each lasting two hours. Group members actively participate, are responsible for creating sessions, and are accountable to each other for outcomes.
  • The Business to Government (B2G) Roundtable
    The B2G Roundtable is designed to support HTC members whose business is connected to the government and the business of selling to the government. Intended for members who want to improve their craft, meet potential teaming partners, and be more confident and aggressive in federal contracting, we welcome companies that are primes, subs, and all those in between. The B2G roundtable maintains single verticals and seeks to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation among each other. What happens in B2G stays in B2G.
  • The HTC Leadership Roundtable
    The Leadership Roundtable meets the last Wednesday of each month at the MCE and is composed of a small, regular group of business owners and executives. The format includes the discussion of timely topics of interest to the group as well as an opportunity to get confidential and personal feedback on individual issues. The group is highly interactive and is built upon required regular attendance to build trust and make the monthly meetings more valuable for all.
  • Women in Tech Executive Roundtable
    A peer-to-peer group for company owners and C-level executives that meet monthly to productively discuss challenges. share successes, and receive advisement with other women. This program is proven to help advance professional and personal goals.
  • Women in Tech Management Roundtable
    A peer-to-peer group for mid to upper-level managers seeking a non-competitive environment, which embraces mentorship and lively, productive discussions, focused on supporting professional and personal growth.
  • Tech Innovators Roundtable
    A C-level group comprised of successful and experienced business executives in health technology fields that face the challenges and successes of growing their companies to the next level. The group offers a rigorous and engaging platform for developing business opportunities and building professional networks in a collaborative non-competitive environment for professional and personal growth, sharing resources and ideas and creating value through engagement, accountability and personal contribution.

Affinity Groups

  • HTC Health Tech Innovators of Central Maryland (HTICM) 
    This affinity group supports like-minded professionals in the health tech industry in Central Maryland by providing an ecosystem to encourage engagement, innovation, creativity, learning, contribution, and collaboration within the health tech community. Overall, the HTICM fosters health tech innovation, supports growth within the county, and offers robust, “you can’t Google this stuff” content and networking opportunities for our participants.
  • HTC Innovators Forum
    The HTC Innovators Forum mission is to be a platform for mentorship of innovators/entrepreneurs, as well as students. Collaboration opportunities amongst HTC Innovators Forum members is also encouraged and supported programmatically. Both regularly scheduled public forums as well as closed door innovator-only discussion will take place
  • HACKIT- (Howard County Affinity for Cyber Knowledge and Intelligence Technologies/Talks)
    A cyber security affinity group that offers connections, collaboration and exposure to companies that want increasing business opportunities with and in support of the Intelligence Community, DoD, and commercial marketplaces.
  • HTC Women in Technology of Central Maryland (WiTCM)
    An affinity group dedicated to the premier professional association for women in the technology industry; we understand the unique challenges you face, and we are here to support you. This community offers a broad range of mentorship. programs, events, and resources to advance women in technology from the classroom to the boardroom. The purpose of this group is to inspire, develop, and empower women throughout their professional journey on education, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business. Compromised of women professionals and executives working in small-to-medium size businesses and large corporations, as well as students studying in STEM education fields. Join the strategic planning committee (a member only benefit) to build a program of tools, resources, and expertise that fosters the professional development of women in technology.
  • Sales and Marketing Affinity Group 
    If you are involved or interested in the sales and marketing segments of the business process, come join a group that is education based and is valuable whether sales and marketing is your avocation or you would like to get better results with your own business. Panels and presentations are held quarterly, featuring quality programming and content in a lively and informative manner.
  • The HTC B2G Affinity Group
    Focusing on organizations and companies that provide technology based products or services to the federal, state and local government; the B2G roundtable provides educational series, networking events, as well as closed door “contractor only” roundtables on a frequent basis to the community.


  • HTC Ambassador  Team 
    The HTC Ambassador Team is an exclusive, by-referral only committee that ensures the smooth and successful delivery of events and programs throughout the year while focusing on both new and prospective members of the HTC. This Committee is made up of very active members whose mission is to connect with new members to help navigate the opportunities within the HTC and help advise on the best ways to get you engaged and meet your goals for joining so you get the best return on the investment they made by joining the HTC. The team helps both new and long-time members find ways to best utilize membership by learning about your businesses, make introductions, and invite you to events that will benefit you and your company the most.
  • HoCo CISO Program 
    The Chief Information Security Officer “In-Residence” program known as “HOCO CISO” is based at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE). This first of its kind program is designed to address the needs of residents of the MCE along with the more than 200 member companies of the Howard Tech Council (HTC) who do not have their own Chief Security or Privacy Officer. Through this program, members are able to access a select set of certified senior executive level security professionals in the county who have agreed to serve in a “virtual” capacity providing governance, privacy, risk, and information security management guidance. The HOCO CISO program also functions as an economic development engine connecting members who need additional levels of support with cyber security companies in the local market. Registration is available on the HCEDA website or through Eventbrite.

Membership Opportunities

  • HCEDA Internship Program 
    Since 2014, the HTC has been placing students from Howard County Public Schools Applications and Research Lab’s Academies of Cyber, Finance, Early College Network Security Program, the Gifted and Talented Program, FBLA clubs, Project Lead the Way and Howard Community College with area businesses. The HTC was named a TechHire Initiative Employer Convener in December supporting the HTC intern program and expanding the local tech sectors by building tech talent pipelines in businesses across the county.Most recently, the Business Resource Center for the University of Maryland Baltimore County has been added to our team to support the recruitment of viable intern candidates for our list of employers


Learning is a lifelong experience, necessary in order to remain competitive in these rapidly changing times. We understand the challenges that you face, so we offer many opportunities for you to continue your education by learning from other members of the Howard Tech Council community.

  • Roundtable/Affinity Groups/Committees
    These all provide you a great opportunity to engage with likeminded industry peers in a small group setting with others who face the same challenges you face every day.


We are looking for successful members of the business community who are ready to give back and share the knowledge they have gained during their career. At the Howard Tech Council we provide many different opportunities to pass knowledge on to future generations of business professionals.

  • Encorps Program
    The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship is always looking for experienced business professionals to share their knowledge and services with residents and affiliates of the MCE. These sessions are provided at no charge and are provided at least once a month
  • Roundtable/Affinity Groups/Committees
    Share you expertise and experience at any of our roundtables, affinity groups, or on one of our committees. These groups are full of like-minded individuals committed to learning more and advancing themselves and the group.

For more information on HTC Committees, roundtables, affinity groups, or our educational opportunities, please contact Patrick Wynn at 410-313-7243 or email him.

  • HoCo CISO

    The Chief Information Security Officer “In-Residence” program known as “HOCO CISO” is based at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE). This first of its kind program is designed to address the needs of residents of the MCE along with the more than 200 member companies of the Howard Tech Council (HTC) who do not have their own Chief Security or Privacy officer.

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  • Get Involved

    Founded around the principles of Engage, Collaborate, Learn, and Lead, the HTC is much more than just networking, it is a place for both you and your business to grow.

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