A Message About the Conclusion of Operations at Millworks

Monday, January 22, 2018

It has been 17 months since the one-in-a-thousand-year flood struck the historic district, leveling everything in its path. Since that Saturday in July, countless hours of work and the investment of time and money have gone into successfully reopening 96% of the businesses impacted that day. It is a recovery that the experts said could not be done, but was only possible by the community coming together to lift one another up from the mud.

As part of the recovery effort, the Howard County Economic Development Authority rented and rehabbed the space at 8098 Main Street to open a business resource center that could continue to provide assistance over an extended period time. We called it Millworks in honor of the towns milling history and in the last year of operation the center became home to not only the HCEDA, but the Ellicott City Partnership, and was utilized by business organizations and individuals throughout the time for assistance.

While the long-term recovery of the town will take years to complete, the short term needs of the town have changed and the demand for the services at Millworks have continued to decrease. This decrease is what we had hoped for when we began this process and are pleased to see the town arrive at this point so quickly.

While the HCEDA is committed to sticking by the business and property owners for the long term, it is now time to conclude the operations of Millworks and turn 8098 Main back into its original use as a home for a new business. The services that were housed at Millworks are still being made available through the HCEDA and the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship. If you need assistance you can connect with us through our website www.hceda.org or call us at 410-313-6500.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Ellicott City Recovery and we look forward to what is still to come.

– The Team at The Howard County Economic Development Authority

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