Howard County Executive Hosts Roundtable with Bioenergy DevCo About Food Recycling and the Route 1 Corridor

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball, Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), and Bioenergy Devco (BDC) hosted more than 30 government and industry leaders for a roundtable discussion on food recycling, the Route 1 industrial corridor, and BDC’s anaerobic biodigestion facility which is currently under construction. The event was held adjacent to BDC’s currently-under-construction biodigestion facility.

The new biodigestion facility will be the first of its kind in Maryland. The site will process over 100,000 tons of food waste per year converting it into renewable energy and healthy soil amendment. The facility is expected to produce and capture 295,000 MMBtu of methane gas per year; enough to power 4,800 homes a year and save more than 26,000 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere each year, which represents a forest of approximately 33,000 acres. The project represents $35 million dollars in capital investment and will create approximately 30 – 50 jobs including construction and long-term maintenance and operation jobs. The facility is expected to be online by the first quarter of 2022. A further benefit to the to the community, BDC’s biodigestion process is a nitrogen- and phosphorus-rich fertilizer that will provide farms uniquely microbial-friendly fertilizer. “We are excited to have our first anaerobic digester in the United States as a showcase in Howard County, Maryland”, says Shawn Kreloff, CEO of Bioenergy Devco. “This facility will capture over 120 thousand tons of excess organics typically headed for pollution causing incineration or overcrowded landfills.   County Executive Ball shared the vision depicted by anaerobic digestion that environmental change could in fact go hand in hand with economic development.”

In his welcoming remarks at the event, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball emphasized the importance of projects like the BDC’s anaerobic digester in meeting the environmental goals of the county. “Howard County is a leader in forward thinking, innovative solutions to keep our community clean and sustainable for decades to come. I was glad to join Bioenergy Devco at their newest anaerobic digestion facility in Jessup to discuss impacts and solutions related to Maryland’s growing food waste challenges,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Bioenergy Devco to offer smart organics recycling solutions to our local businesses and a more sustainable future for our local community. This is an excellent example of the type of innovation that will drive economic growth today and help protect our environment tomorrow.”

Industry professionals from Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) also participated in the roundtable. BGE is building the innovative interconnection facilities that will enable BDC to inject the renewable natural gas from their facility into BGE’s gas distribution system to be distributed to Maryland customers for the first time.  BGE is also working with BDC on a combined heat and power system to serve the biodigestion facility. Stuart Page, BGE Manager of Economic Development, said “BGE is very excited about the partnership with BDC. These new efforts will help establish the pathway for renewable natural gas interconnections to the customers and communities that we serve, and ultimately support the success of both BGE and BDC’s mission to responsibly address organic waste streams.”

Larry Twele, CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority, also spoke at the event, adding context to the BDC’s biodigestion facility on the Route 1. “This project is one of many recent developments for Route 1 corridor industry. The Route 1 corridor of Howard County is already home to 2,500 businesses and over 43,000 jobs, representing 25% of Howard County’s total employment.” On the importance of this new project, Twele said, “Bioenergy Devco’s biodigester adds a unique value to the already thriving Route 1 food logistics hub, that has already seen recent investment from firms like Costal Sunbelt, Capital Seafood, and Freshly, Howard County’s corner of Route 1 is becoming a substantial food sector.”

The roundtable breakfast was a successful component in sparking opportunities for future meetings to discuss sustainable development goals for the environment and community. On the heels of the breakfast, Bioenergy Devco, County Executive Calvin Ball, and Governor Larry Hogan celebrated the continued growth and building of the biodigester with a ribbon cutting on July 7, 2021. HCEDA looks forward to the completion of the biodigester and the economic boost it will bring to the County in the coming years.  To learn more about Bioenergy Devco’s biodigester, visit www.bioenergydevco.com.


About Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA): Howard County Economic Development Authority is a public-private partnership whose primary goal is to promote economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses, targeting new businesses, and attracting corporate/regional headquarters. HCEDA also maintains several programs aimed at the unique needs of small, minority, and agricultural businesses. Additionally, the HCEDA strives to preserve the distinctive quality of life in Howard County. To learn more about Howard County farms and the HCEDA, visit www.hceda.org

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