In Response to COVID-19, Howard County-based, NetGlo Corporation Produces Contact Traceability App to Ensure Food Safety for Consumers

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Headquartered in Howard County, MD, award-winning customized IT solutions company, NetGlo Corporation, has developed a contact traceability app for local farmers called, NetGloFarmFITS™. The app aids farmers with the increasing demand for product tracking platforms to ensure the safety of our consumers and reduce the spread of COVID-19 along with other viruses and contaminants.

This hosted application, sponsored by the Rural Maryland Council (RMC) and Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), helps farmers and wholesalers meet the traceability requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) while providing an affordable Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) online sales and nutrient reporting platform.

Contact traceability technology allows farmers and wholesalers to track the destination and handling site points of their products once they are in route to the market and the consumer. If there is a probability that the products have been in contact with someone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms or an area that is contaminated, the user will be notified and able to halt distribution. Once local farmers and wholesalers register their business for the NetGloFarmFITS app, they will be able to integrate this helpful technology to ensure the safety of their consumers.

Several Maryland farmers consistently rated this software above 7, on a scale of 1-10, for its ease of use and applicability. In fact, local, fourth generation, organic farm, Stoecker Farms was looking for a way to meet the growing regulatory and buyer demands for product traceability when they became aware of NetGloFarmFITS™. Farmer, Rebecca Stoecker noted that the system provides a “more organized” way to manage farming and food safety based on “historical and analytical data” and is a “great value.”

Regarding, wholesalers, the emerging FDA guidelines designates wholesalers as “first receivers” before products are transferred to local markets for consumers. Luckily, NetGloFarmFITS™ can significantly alleviate the resulting cost increase to wholesalers and boost tracking efficiency. Since its launch, NetGloFarmFITS™ has been utilized by wholesalers at the University of Delaware Dairy Production Facility and is being evaluated for inclusion in its Agriculture Education curriculum.

About NetGlo Corporation
NetGlo Corporation is a leading IT company with a focus on process and logistics management. To learn more about their products, services, and technology, visit: netglo.com. For inquiries and additional information, please contact Brandi Dillon on brandi@netglo.com or (410) 970-6738.


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